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가격US $1000-20000 / unit
MOQ 1 unit
결제방식 all
업데이트 시간 2013-08-06
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Name: Jackie Cheng Silicone Figure

Size:1.73m high

Color: Simulation Color


 Jackie Cheng Silicone Figure  


Item nameJackie Cheng Silicone Figure
Dimension1.73m high
Customized size2-60m long (Mini or large )

No movement



No sound


24 months   

(We provide life-time technology support)

Application locations

1.Theme or amusement park,

2.Theme restaurant ,

3.business activities, 

4.Real estate opening ceremony,

5.Dinosaur museum, 

6.Indoor or outdoor playground,

7.Shopping malls,

8.Educational equipment, 

9.Festival exhibition, etc.





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Remote Control Animatronic Dinosaur (Use sensor, control unit and so on)
Attracting all people as attractive item
color:as your choice (Restoring realistic dinosaur or animal color)
movement: Smooth movements like real dinosaur or animal



High Quality Animatronic Dinosaur Made in China

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Controller connection: 


1.Power——We provide CPU Control Box with power cable and slug 


2.Speaker interface——Connect the speaker


3.Sensor interface——Connecting infrared switch


4.Data transmission——Connectivity products(legcableplug)





Each movement can be separately controled by different buttons or remote control units.
Different indicator lights to show if each movement works well

There is a relay system to make sure it works safe.


Packing and Delivery 

 Our Animatronic dinosaur will be packaged by plastic soft bubble to Reduce the collision and avoid friction

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